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WorkCube System

Parametric structure and flexible, easy-to-code technology of Workcube allowed us implementing it in more than 27 different industries. Workcube is flexible and customizable, helping it cover every need of a company from any industry.

Workcube eFurniture

Workcube E-Furniture is designed to cover all administrative and operational details of furniture industry, including sales, manufacturing, promotion and logistics processes.

Workcube Services

Workcube Services is designed to improve administrative capabilities of all communication agencies including PR, Advertisement and Media Purchasing agencies.

Workcube IT

Workcube provides tech companies productivity and sales oriented solutions.

Workcube Retail

Workcube Retail is a customer-oriented implementation helping you manage different retail sales channels on a central platform.

Workcube Distribution

Workcube provides an ideal platform for distribution companies with warehouses and thousands of point of sales.

Workcube eBuilding

Workcube provides Construction and Real Estates companies an integrated solution, comprising of ERP, CRM, SCM and Human Resources Management functions.