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WorkCube System

Parametric structure and flexible, easy-to-code technology of Workcube allowed us implementing it in more than 27 different industries. Workcube is flexible and customizable, helping it cover every need of a company from any industry.

100% Web Based ERP + CRM + HR + PMS + BI and more
Integrated enterprise solution, innovative strategies and application practices for businesses that want to adapt to digital economy

Workcube Catalyst was developed with the mission of being the easiest implementable ERP.
Workcube Catalyst will save you from the tough processes of ERP projects. In the shortest time, you will begin to use your ERP with the most accurate configuration, most optimal time savings, and lowest cost.

ERP – FA Finance and Accounting

The Catalyst Finance-Accounting functions support multiple currency transactions. All financial transactions are in three dimensions: accounting, current, and budget. Workcube Catalyst proposes new approaches to businesses such as fiscal discipline under budget, future-oriented cash management, and cross-audit. You can follow your company's daily financial transactions, cash flow and balance of debt receivables at a glance from the "Finance & Accounting Agenda" page, which you can design as you like thanks to easy-to-configure mobile-compatible screens. And it's 24/7 and device independent..

ERP – Sales & Distribution

Workcube Catalyst allows you to make purchasing, warehousing, quotation, ordering, and shipment processes fast and accurate. The Sales & Distribution agenda shows instant reports of your sales and procurement processes from products arriving at the re-supply point to shipment orders. So you get instant access to the information you seek, while reducing your costs and your risk. With real-time and 360° reporting, you make the right decisions and immediately get into the action. Not only for your field operations, Workcube Catalyst Sales & Distribution is the most affordable solution for managing your sales and procurement processes in a digital environment with Workcube B2B and B2C platforms that can be easily and 100% integrated.

ERP - MM Production

With Workcube Catalyst ERP Production solution, you can design, plan and manage your production in the digital environment with all the specifications and models.In this regard, all stages, information, documents, machines and players involved in the process from the raw material supply to the shop are integrated with a complete plan and program. Workcube ERP Production solution includes functions for all manufacturers using continuous, discrete, or project-based production. Providing the perfect solution for developing, manufacturing, pricing, distributing, and delivering products on time and in accordance with customer needs, Workcube ERP Production ensures optimal use of resources.

PMS – Project Management System

Workcube Catalyst Project Management is fully integrated with other Catalyst products and modules such as budget, invoices, expenditures, finance, accounting, inventory, order management, payments, and purchasing. With Workcube Catalyst Project Management, you manage your time, resources, project income, and expenses. You get real-time reports on progress payments, project workforce costs, material requirements, etc. You will be able to work together with all your employees, business partners (dealers, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) and even your customers in any project.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Catalyst CRM brings you closer to your customer. Business development and sales employees can record a lot of information about the customer as well as follow the digital traces left by customers. Campaigns, interactions, meetings, visits, mails, complaints, service and guarantee transactions, surveys, suggestions, opportunities, offers, orders, joint projects - you name it.
CRM - SM (Sales & Marketing) With detailed sales, marketing and service analysis and reports delivered by Catalyst CRM, you can clearly measure your business's performance, evaluate your customers, marketing, sales, and service activities in every aspect, easily see all necessary changes, and make quick decisions that implement them.
CRM SG (Service and Guarantee) It provides a reliable and effective solution for service and support professionals in the course of accepting, monitoring, routing, and analyzing customers' service and support requests. It enables you to systematically record and track customer calls and inquiries. Workcube Catalyst accelerates the response time, improves the solution for not only the first call but also the entire support process.

HR Human Resources

Catalyst HR’s role-based structure, all authorities, responsibilities, and positions become clear in your business. Workcube Catalyst HR has a number of functions to help you make the right staff choices. Workcube Catalyst HR also manages all employees' information, personnel files, salary plans, permissions, shifts, scorecards, and payroll. Workcube Catalyst HR supports the entire process at every stage of human resource management for organizations -from job posting to retirement, from organizational design to realistic performance measures. Self-service functions that employees can easily access to follow information such as advance payments, permissions, visit requests, payroll, overtime, PACS, targets, awards, warnings, etc. This interface enables employees to communicate quickly with their HR department.